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Meet Nic Arriagada, General Manager and Certified Sommelier at Sirena Ristorante

As a passionate Sommelier and Hospitality Professional, Nicolas brings his many years of experience, world-class training and knowledge to Trinity Hospitality Group, as the General Manager of Sirena Ristorante.

Nic has been a certified Sommelier for nearly five years, having trained with the Court of Master Sommeliers. Through his extensive training in hospitality and having traveled all over the world learning about and tasting some of the most sought-after wines and spirits, Nic’s knowledge and experience has helped him curate specialty wines and pairings for Sirena’s menu. He has had a big hand in sourcing some of the world’s finest high-end and hard to find wines to bring exclusively to the sophisticated palettes of Sirena’s clientele. Nic’s passion in wine education has also lead him to develop and bring seasonal events and one-of-a-kind wine tastings to Sirena.

According to Nic, “Wine is the philosopher’s stone that transmutes the hard work in the fields, and transports you to another place that provides a unique sense of taste. A good wine list does just that—as you taste wines from different regions it is almost as if you are taking your taste buds on a journey, telling the story of wineries throughout the world.”

As a seasoned sommelier, Nicolas has visited and discovered countless notable wineries around the world, from Napa and Chile to Argentina and Italy, having built unique relationships with many and introducing them to Sirena’s menu and tasting events.

Nic is always searching for new and exciting ways to bring Italian culture and unique items to Sirena’s menu.  For example, Sirena recently brought on Marcarini, a traditional wine maker from Barolo, Italy, who is not only highly rated, but offers a distinctive taste that helps tells their story. According to Nic, “…what I’ve always taste in their wines is this undeniable truffle that comes from the winery being partially underground.”

Nicolas oversees a staff of 70 and with his strong background as a sommelier, is responsible for having established and implemented wine/beverage training modules for his team to ensure an equally as knowledgeable waitstaff to help offer a sophisticated and one-of-a-kind experience for guests at Sirena.

Nic resides in Jackson, New Jersey with his family.  He is lucky to have worked on Wine Spectator awarded lists and “looks forward to the acclaim we’ll be known for, here at Sirena as well.”

Wine Tasting Every Monday
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Promotions start after 4pm. Wine Night includes all wines priced up to $60 (excludes Cellar wines) FALL/WINTER SPECIALS AVAILABLE FROM October-April 1st

*Pricing & promotions subject to change due to holidays and/or special events.

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